Thursday, 21 December 2017

Tips to increase self-esteem for teens

The following information is intended to help young people to build their self-confidence.

Recognize your talents

It's easy to lose your skills, especially when your colleagues make fun of them (and probably out of jealousy). But be serious with yourself and make a list of things that you like to do and are good at. Keep this list just for you and look at it often. Remember, if you skip a test or say something you do not want. Your talents will not disappear, and you can count on them for the rest of your life ... as long as you cultivate them.

Cultivate your skills

They can have so many interests and abilities that it is impossible to develop them all; or, you can have one thing that you really love to do. Regardless, develop and use some of your skills in non-school applications. Not only will it open up more opportunities for finding activities in your area, it can also keep you from peer reviews.

Be like a duck

Have you ever heard the expression that you should be a duck and let negative words and attitudes roll off your back? It is a good thing to cultivate - if you take criticism or utterance from the outside to heart, you may be paralyzed by fear of others' judgment. Remember, school and teenhood are not forever. You will come out of this phase and you should not allow others to be criticized for sabotaging your future, which takes much longer than middle school and high school!

Resist the need to compare

When you look at your friends, classmates or celebrity pictures, try to resist the temptation to consider them the gold standard you should strive for. Someone will always have better legs, superior athletic ability, better hair, etc. than you. But these people do not set the standard for you; You are who you are and you can not measure it!

Listen to the inner voice - then tell it to the mouth

Stop and listen to your inner thoughts for a while. What do you think about certain situations automatically? What do you say when you wake up, interact with friends, or go to class? If you break yourself with negative thoughts, you have to stop. Address the negative self-talk and replace positive self-esteem instead.

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